defy (v.) To oppose or resist with boldness and assurance.

DJ DeFi (aka Defy, Def-i, DeFiZzLe, or simply Ryan) started spinning in the summer of 1999.</p>

DeFi enjoys all kinds of music, and has played everything ranging from death-terror-gabber-core to 20's lounge big band. Currently, you will find DeFi mainly playing a mix of Electro house, dubstep, deep house, and Drum & Bass.

Influenced by the legends like Digweed, Paul van Dyk, Oakenfold, and Tiesto. DeFi began with Trance that was the mainstay of the events of that era, such as Together as One and How Sweet It Is. Eventually these house and trance raves darkened into Drum and Bass parties that started DeFi in a all new direction. Most recently, DeFi is experimenting with the high energy sounds of Electrohouse and Dubstep.

DJ DeFi has also been involved with many Webradio sites in the past notably,, Game Surge Radio (RIP). DeFi also created a method for simultaneous Live Professional Computer Gaming broadcasting with multiple commentators and live high energy mixing that has been imitated, but never quite reproduced.

DeFi has spun at many local parties and events, as well as traveling to Los Angeles and Las Vegas to perform for over 32,000 online, and hundreds of live listeners during the 2004 AMD/ATI Cyber X Games

Trained in lighting and sound design, DeFi's high energy sets are sure to get the dance floor grooving.